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  • 1. Superform Wings

    Extract from an 'Extra' found on the HANDMADE - The making of a Morgan Anniversary Edition DVD available from"
  • 2. The First Morgan V8

    Taken from Peter Morgan - A Lifetime of Morgan available from"
  • 3. A Visit to Stoke Lacy

    Martyn Webb (Morgan's archivist) takes us on a short journey with his 1923 spec Aero from the site of the original factory to the place where Harry Morgan ...
  • 4. The Machine Shop

    A look at the Machine shop as it was in 1988. (Taken from HANDMADE - The Making of a Morgan 25th Anniversary Edition.)"
  • 5. Lintridge Farm

    Morgans of every kind: twin and F4 three wheelers, classics and an Aero 8 tackle the trials of Lintridge Farm. (From Programme 2, Morgan 100.)"
  • 6. Wood (2002)

    A look at the wood mill, preparation shop and coach building in 2002 (from Handmade 2 - Into the 21st Century)"
  • 7. The English Wheel

    A look at the tool that dates back to the industrial revolution and one which helped shape all Morgan three wheelers and the early classics."
  • 8. The Pit Stop

    A look at how The Pit Stop at Melvyn Rutter's Morgan Garage came about and its special relationship with the original Worcester Road Morgan factory."
  • 9. Autosolo (2009)

    Autosolo from Sunday 2nd August 2009 at Morgan's centenary celebrations at The Racecourse, Cheltenham. (From Morgan100.)"
  • 10. The Repton Connection

    A visit to the site of the original Repton College Engineering Workshops where Harry Morgan with Stephenson Peach worked on automotive ideas. You can watch ...